5 Most Crazy Medical Practices in History

Doctors are expected to function under the ??do no harm’ maxim, but history has it that sometimes this is easier said than done. Although the ancients were amazingly refined in their understanding of injury, disease and sickness, they normally employed some downright bloodcurdling approaches in their unwise attempts to cure their patients. Here are 5 most crazy medical practices in the history of human prescribed by ancient physicians to treat certain medical conditions.


For many years, medical experts believed that sickness was simply the outcome of a little ??bad blood.’ Influential physicians such as Galen and Hippocrates held that the human body was packed with four basic elements, or “humors”, which include blood, yellow bile, phlegm, and black bile that must be kept at equilibrium to maintain good health. Thus, patients suffering from fever or other illnesses were usually diagnosed with an excess of blood. To reestablish bodily harmony, their physicians would slice open a blood vessel (vein in particular) and drain a little their essential fluids into a container. At times, leeches were utilized to suck some blood off straight from the skin.

Although it could lead to accidental death due to blood loss, it was a common treatment method in the 19th century. Primitive doctors prescribed it as a remedy for everything, including sore throats and plagues. Despite the practice ended after new research indicated that it could be causing more harm than good. Nonetheless, controlled bloodletting and leeching are still used presently to treat certain rare ailments.

Animal Dung Ointments

The early Egyptians had an extraordinarily well-organized medical structure; complete with doctors specialized in healing certain ailments. Nonetheless, the treatments they recommended didn’t always make sense. Lizard blood, moldy bread, dead mice, and mud were used as dressings and topical ointments, and women were at times medicated using horse saliva as an antidote for low libido.

Worse still, Egyptian physicians used animal and human excrement as an antidote for all illnesses and injuries. In the 1500 B.C.’s fly, Ebers Papyrus, gazelle, donkey, and dog dung were all acknowledged for their healing abilities and their power to hold off bad spirits. Although these remedies may have on occasions resulted in tetanus among other infections, they weren’t completely ineffective. Research indicates that the microflora present in some animal dung have antibiotic substances.

Psychic surgery

Crazy Medical PracticesSimilar to other things related to ??paranormal’ or ??psychic’ activities, this practice has been established to be a ??total hoax’. It was first seen in the Brazil and Philippines in the 1940s & 50s and hit the US headlines when a comedian called Andy Kaufman endured a 6 week treatment course trying to cure his lung cancer. Soon after, he died of the cancer. The surgery involved a “surgeon” (usually had no medical training) cutting open the patient with his bare hands, by tracing a certain line with his finger and painlessly creating a wound. He would then remove the tumor and other mixed blood and claim to successfully have completed the operation. It was then established that psychic surgeons were simply magicians toying around with their patients, utilizing dexterity to make believe they were eliminating ??bad things’ when they were simply pretending to.


This is the oldest form of surgery and also one of the most gruesome. The practice involved drilling holes in the patients’ skull as a remedy for illnesses. This practice is believed to have originated from some king of a tribal ritual, as a way for discharging evil spirits allegedly possessing the sick and the mentally ill. Others claim that it was rather an orthodox surgery used to remedy epilepsy, blood clots, headaches, and abscesses. Trepanned skulls witnessed in Peru indicates that it was, moreover, a common emergency remedy for removing bone fragments lingering after a skull fractures, and statistics indicate the majority of patients live on after the surgery.

Urine therapy

It is therapy or medical procedure that involves urine and usually your own. Urine has since time immemorial been utilized as a cure in both cosmetic and medical world, and in a number of cultures, including France, the Romans, the Chinese, in India, and the Renaissance period and is still, up to date, a predominant concept in the Western culture. It has various uses, including teeth-whitening, broken bones, skin protection, strep throat, and acne cure among others. At times, it’s directly ingested and at other times, it’s directly put on the skin or made into a plaster. Interestingly, many ??insane’ medical practices and/or theories have since been debunked, but many people still believe in the healing and positive benefits brought upon them upon ingesting their own urine.…

How Nurse Should Process a Complaint or Violation

Nursing home abuse is a growing concern. Although there are measures in place that attempt to prevent abuse, many elderly citizens who reside in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are vulnerable to beating, slapping, pushing, and sexual abuse.

Part of the reason that the problem exists is that there are some major gaps in the system.

For example, records on nurse’s aides are kept in state registries. However, many of the individual state registries don’t include any information about nurse’s aides who have committed offenses in another state.
In addition, uncertified or unlicensed personnel such as maintenance workers and laundry aides aren’t listed with a certification agency, a licensing body, or a state registry. Since abusive history can remain undetected, unless a person has a criminal record, he or she will be able to get a job at a nursing home.

In testimony given before the U.S. Senate’s Special Committee on Aging on March 4, 2002, the Director of Health Care, Leslie G. Aronovitz, said that many shortcomings exist in the efforts to protect nursing home residents from abuse. One shortcoming is that a number of the states that were visited by the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) often did not notify authorities immediately after an abuse allegation.

It also appeared that the states made limited efforts to keep consumers informed about how to file a nursing home complaint. The CMS found that government agency pages in phone books in a number of major cities that it visited did not have any explicitly designated phone numbers that people could call to file a nursing home complaint within those states.

A number of local police departments that were interviewed by the CMS did not have any knowledge of investigations that were performed by the state survey agencies in their communities. So, by the time the police were called to investigate abusive situations in the nursing homes other investigations had begun. This hampered their efforts to collect evidence.

The Medicaid Fraud Control Units (MFCU) are the law enforcement agencies that have the explicit responsibility of investigating any allegations of abuse or patient neglect in nursing homes. Since the referral policies vary from one state survey agency to the next, it was not unusual for the MFCUs not to be notified in a timely manner.

In testimony before the Senate it was suggested that the “early involvement of the state MFCU can be productive in obtaining criminal convictions.”

Nursing abode force members state been trapped in feign of inflicting verbal abuse on elderly residents. Physical abuse and emotional abuse is specifically as general in American nursing homes in the present day. Any form of nursing home abuse is intolerable for the reason that it produces damaging property to the nursing abode occupier as well as variety members of the victim.
There are many cryptogram with the aim of may well present if your loved lone is a injured party of physically or emotional abuse by a nursing home: bumps or contusions on the body, cuts and scrapes, lacerations, burns, dejected bones, changes in behavior, and mood swings.

But you watch things such as bed sores, poor hygiene and tainted conditions in the nursing home, be conscious to these may perhaps be added cipher of neglect.

Nursing homes are planned by the federal and state governments to converge limited necessities regarding the assiduousness they offer. This consists of making constant an ample quantity of specialist employees are on dispense to assiduousness on behalf of residents of the nursing house.

Unluckily, many nursing homes will make vulnerable the welfare of their elderly residents by not maintaining sufficient employees to provide care.
There are attorneys who can offer above-board solutions if you or a loved individual has qualified abuse or neglect. It is very important with the purpose of you preach with a qualified lawyer if you comprise questions re come again?

Can be completed with your abuse request. You or your loved individual may perhaps be entitled to compensation in place of your reimbursement or affliction.

Be Familiar With And Reporting Cases of Nursing Home Abuse:

Filing a criticism can be one of those propositions with the intention of take care of to present persons a morsel anxious. Almost persons are not interested in getting persons in exert yourself needlessly, and self doubt can present filing a complaint emotionally hard if you lately suspect abuse.

Abuse is unhappily prevalent during the United States, and even the suspicion of abuse justifies filing a complaint. When filing a complaint in the state of Texas, present are a only some necessities to are relaxed to go by to will get filing a complaint a smoother process and receive enhanced attention.
The association to facilitate receives complaints is well-known as D.A.D.S. This stands used for the Department of Aging and Disability Services. One of their central purposes is to investigate abuse and neglect information. It is in good health to show up a few alleged abuses, neglect, or a few form of alleged exploitation of the elderly more exactly than to hang around until at hand is enormously rejection doubt.

They are the skilled. Letting them to look into can often prove abuse or neglect of the elderly much quicker, often preventing the tragedies associated with the abuse and the neglect.

The Department of Aging and Disability Services is free to require as much limited in turn approximately the so-called nursing home which you are coverage as promising, together with the time, moment, the whole story of the fight or incidents, and how you are aware of the so-called abuse.

They will have need of you to go your drop a line to in turn and your character; though, this in turn is kept back confidential by law. Once you tolerate reported the suspect abuse or neglect to the Department of Aging and Disability Services, they will at that time investigate the post to its entirety. This will contain amazement, unannounced visit to the nursing home capacity.…

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