CNA Students Beware of Online Practice Tests

Find out about CNA Practice Tests and which ones you can trust

As the Internet expands, so does the content. However, in the medical world, the expansion of information is a double-edged sword. Although it is nice to have more information to help people make better medical decisions, the ease in which people can create information is too simple and thus leads to very dangerous situations.

Internet Downfall to the Medical World

Take for example the Certified Nursing Assistant field. If you type into Google the phrase “Certified Nursing Assistant,” you will find over 14.1 million results. Sadly, many bloggers have worked to take advantage of this and have started making sites that are geared towards bringing in money instead of helping CNAs get certified.

Although, this sort of tactic isn’t necessarily bad, if you look at the quality of sites that are going up every day for this particular subject, you will find them to be of low quality. There are hundred of CNA practice tests online that really just rehash same old recycled questions and provide no insight to the test.

Certified Nursing Assistant Sites and Resources

Find out about CNA Practice Tests and which ones you can trustHowever, there are some websites that are doing an excellent job of helping CNA reach them goal and become certified. The CNA Exam Cram is a renowned group dedicated to preparing nursing assistant for the certification exam. Unlike many sites, their team consists of real Certified Nursing Assistants, with real experience and area desire to help.

CNA Test Questions as and Example of Quality

A great indication as to whether or not a Nursing Assistant website is legitimate or not is it’s practice exam. A key factor is whether or not the CNA practice test has real an answer key with explanations. Another aspect you should look for in an example exam is whether or not it provides easy or hard questions. You would be surprised how many exams just reuse the same material over again, but with simple word changes.

Here is an example of a poor sample test. This video just highlights the low quality that can be found in the industry. It is evident that the person who created this video hopes you will take their cheap version and ultimately click on one of their links in the summary so that they can generate traffic and get a sale or two.

Internet Trust and Honor

So, before you just jump online and call up your favorite medical site, understand that there are many frauds out there posing to be something they are not. They will claim to be doctors or trained in the field. But they are only doing this because they know that if you think they are, then you will trust them more and take their recommendations. Usually those recommendations have a price.

And so, as you can see, the Internet is fraught with monetization schemes. Certified Nursing Assistants are just left in the middle grabbing at straws and ultimately being mislead. But this example can be extended to the rest of the medical community. Whether you are an ambulance driver, nurse, or even a hospital janitor, there are website out there that are geared towards your desire and ready to make a buck or two.

Don’t be fooled by these. Remember that if you went to the website so as to prepare for a test or exam, make sure they explain the answer. Also make sure that questions aren’t a recycled version of someone else’s. Real practitioners write real, authentic and original questions.…

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Technology and Physical Training Programs

Workout Training and Nursing

Workout Training and NursingOur nation is having a serious problem.

Which problem would that be?

I’m talking about our obesity rate – which is currently at over 50%. You heard me correctly: over 50% of Americans (young and old) are currently obese. And it’s killing us. Literally. Do you travel abroad much? If you do, you know just how “big” the American obesity problem really is.

Yeah, but how can technology possibly help, you ask. Don’t video game playing and web surfing just contribute to the obesity rates?

Yes, they definitely can. But…

Realize that technology is simply a tool – a vehicle to get you somewhere. It is neither good nor evil. You can use it to accelerate your path down Obesity Road (which leads to disability, disease, and even death). Or you can use it to launch yourself warp-speed into a new healthy life.

With the help of technology people struggling with obesity now have all the tools literally at their fingertips to teach them how to start losing weight today.

Good help is easily accessible on the web in the form of video workout programs. Today, everyone has the ability to find and learn about 100’s of video workouts that can be done right at home. Let’s take for example, which is a fitness video website that has tremendously popular in recent years. It now has over 25 different strategically designed workout programs – one of the most successful being the Focus T25 Program by Shaun T.

Focus T25 has a nice advantage; it’s a video workout program that only takes 25 minutes a day to complete. So instead of spending hours at the gym each week (probably a bit unsure of what, exactly, you’re doing), you only have to spend 25 minutes a day, and you’re practically guaranteed an extremely effective workout. Another great advantage this video program offers is that you don’t have to drive to the gym every morning. So those dreaded mornings of waking up at 3:30 am, just to get in a workout before going to work, are forever gone. With a video workout program, one can get up, work through a 25-minute video, and go!

The main reason that these video programs are so successful is that they come as a kit. The kit includes a schedule, a meal plan, and DVDs. You’re basically getting a personal trainer in a box. So you no longer have to worry about whether you should be doing Yoga or Cardio next. Or whether you ate the correct amount of calories for the workout you did today. A hardcopy of the Focus T25 Schedule comes with the kit. However, you can also find it in electronic form. So when you’re on the go, you can still continue to follow your workout program to a “T.”

Speaking of things on the go, also recently released their very own streaming system, where you can stream all of their fitness programs on the go with any wi-fi device. So with the combination of your electronic Focus T25 schedule and Beachbody’s streaming system, these workouts can be done anywhere at any time.

Technology may be rapidly changing our society, and maybe not be entirely for the better. But today, choose to be a visionary and embrace the good in this because it’s not just a whimsical “fad.” Choose to see the wonderful difference it can make in someone’s life. If you need help in finding good videos or which video workout training is best for you, then I recommend you checkout Workout Training Review. It gives people who don’t have the luxury of going to a gym and meeting with their personal trainer every day the ability to get in a legit workout. It also gives those who don’t have an hour of free time to work out every morning a quicker option. It is totally up to you how you want to think of technology growth, but just keep in mind all of the opportunities it gives us to change our lives for the much better.


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Best CNA Resume and Cover Letter Resource

CNA Resume and Cover Letter BookAlthough I worked in an advertising agency, I would still give this book an A++ rating since this guide had helped my niece ace her CNA cover letter and CV and got the job. I can still remember when she asked me to help her out with her application to a big hospital in Morris, Illinois and while browsing for some tips online, I bump into this manual by John Rodgers (and few other CNA books). Since I am subscribed to KindleUnlimited, I was able to scan its content for free and have viewed their resume templates and cover letters before I gave it to her. I imparted to her some of my personal tips (mostly are for the interview part) plus this guide since I don’t have background in health care and I think, this book did most of the help from partial structuring and formatting.

What’s the Best CNA Resume Resource?

From what I have found online, I can say that Rodgers’ templates are unique and not the typical resume and cover letter templates you can find on free resources or in any other CNA books.

Another benefit CNAs will get from this book is that, it can help them highlight their background and their education as CNA professionals. And they will be guided unto how they can write their cover letter with the use of their step-by-step procedure and the improvement tips, thus making sure they are doing the right thing. The explanations on each samples are also beneficial particularly to new professionals since it helps them understand the importance of each points. Regardless of your professional level, the tips they provide will surely fit to you. In fact, they also have specific templates designed for whatever level you are in, inexperienced or experienced CNAs.

I think, the HUGE list of template examples and the detailed explanations makes this book great and a favorite by CNAs.

If you are considering on getting a professional resume writer, why not invest on this book? Considering that a lot of these professional resume writers are expensive, it’s really not a practical choice. If you own this book, you can create more than one CNA resume and cover letter, you can even share it with your other fellow nursing assistants and you can help your other CNA friends if they asked your help.

Final CNA Resume Resource Recommendation

I know you really want to have the best and the most impressive resume and cover letter, so this book will give you the answer. And because you cannot guarantee that professional resume writers can give you what you look for, it’s better that you do it yourself, than wasting your time asking for revisions. Plus if you create that on your own, you will also feel proud of it.

From all the CNA manuals I have read so far, for me this one is the most practical and very detailed. Official CNA Resume and Cover Letters Manual Book is really worth reading for CNA professionals who plan to perfect their resumes and cover letters. Highly recommended!!!…

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Career Mentor for Nurse Professionals

Nurse mentor As an individual who’s trying to build a better relationship and better career path, having a mentor that could guide you along your way is a very ideal move to do.

Why you need a mentor?

Just like a student who needs nurturing in order to learn, nurses also need mentors in order to make better judgments, have a better perspective in life and career and possibly avoid worst mistakes and of course improve his/her career path. Although you may say that you don’t necessarily need it, but in your journey as a professional nurse, you need to be competent in your work because the life of patients also depends on you.

The things you learn from nursing school may not be enough to make you a very competent worker because most of the time aside from the skills and knowledge you learn from studying, the wisdom that you get from your experience and from people who have more years of experience than you are very much beneficial to your personal life and your professional career.

“Yeah, I think I really need a mentor. But where can I find one?”

A potential mentor is not really hard to find, in fact you may have met him/her or them before but you just don’t see them as your mentor but rather a friend or a colleague. Here’s are some sources and places where you can find your potential mentor in case you consider of having one.

Nursing schools

Try to visit nursing schools particularly the school where you finished your degree. It would be easier if you consider your school first because you already know the people here and you can easily identify which one you feel that you can work well with in terms of mentorship.

Your friends and colleagues

Another option is by looking into your list of friends and colleagues which you think can give you helpful and competent advice in your personal and professional life. Usually, you are more comfortable with mentors that come from your circle of friends and colleagues.


If you work in a certain facility, you can seek help and guidance from the senior members of your team. I’m sure they are willing to guide you for the improvement of the entire team.

Do you have a mentor who guides and helps you in your professional and personal improvement?

How did you find him/her?

Share your ideas on the comments.…

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Technological Innovation for a Better Medical Research


Clinical research and mobile devicesClinical research is one important branch of healthcare that is very helpful in terms of delivering safe and effective drugs to the market. The research being done here requires intensive amount of time and effort to make sure that every medication is safe and effective for use. However, although the practice is extensively done, it’s quite inevitable that there are still some cases of inefficiencies that occur. Why? Because our population is growing, people get busy with many things including personal life and business, and so much more and with this clinical researching require technological help to speed up the process.

Mobile devices such as tablet, Iphone or smartphones are among those best inventions that can truly help this process of clinical research. It offers innovative and efficient opportunities when it comes to operating clinical researches. The use of mobile devices will let researchers to make an easy and efficient clinical research plus the tools are easily accessed by patients and practitioners as well. Additionally, it can also mechanize certain processes, thus, speeds up the process and makes every research more accurate.

In what ways smartphones can improve clinical and medical researches?

Easy recruitment – easier recruitment for patients who can participate in the clinical research. With the use of these smartphone tools, potential trial participants can easily enroll and send their needed health information.

Maintains Participant’s Involvement – this is very helpful into minimizing person-to-person communication and meetings between the participant and the researchers in the duration of the clinical trial. Considering that most participants have their own personal life that they don’t want to be disrupted, these mobile devices are really of help.

Reliability – Participant’s data is the most important thing needed in a research so it would be helpful that there are tools like these that can monitor the information of the participants in real-time approach.

Cost-effective – one of the best benefits of using these technologies for clinical trials is the financial thing involved.  With smarthphones and mobile devices the cost for conducting clinical trial are much lesser.

As you can see, modern technologies such as the use of smartphones and other mobile devices can greatly help the society in improving various developments and research.


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Assisted Living – Signs Why Your Parents Need Help

aging parentWhen your parents get old, their overall body system will start to weaken, including their memory, physical strength and they will often experience mood swings. This is a normal case among elders and although they might deny the fact that they need assistance, we have to do something for them. As their children, it’s our responsibility take care of them or at least have someone to help them in this difficult times.

So how can you exactly tell if your old parents need assistance in their day to day activities?

They often forget important things

Forgetfulness is one of the most common signs of being old. Forgets to pay bills, or forgets to check emails, taking their medications or forgets to go to their important meetings.

Burns and other injuries

This happens if your old parent is having difficulty in doing their daily cooking routines or having trouble with moving, balancing or walking that may result to falling.

Unpleasant body odor

This happens if they don’t frequently take their showers or keeps wearing the same clothes everyday (even after showers). They might also be having problems with their toileting habits.

Extreme mood swings

Moods swings might be usual to certain people including elders but extreme mood swings is an indication that your aging parent is really having trouble in dealing with their emotions.

Weight loss

One of the obvious things that you will notice in your aging parent is their weight changes. Do they look really thin now? They might have difficulties in doing groceries on their own. Or can’t cook frequently unlike before.

These are few of the signs that you may notice in your aging parents which indicate that they really are in trouble living their life on their own. If they won’t admit it themselves, maybe you want to discuss it to them without hurting their pride and feelings. As their children, you know them more than anyone around you exactly know what their needs are.

If you can’t take care of them on your own, you may consider getting a caregiver for them to ensure their safety and health.…

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Overview on the Responsibilities of a Military Nurse


Nurses aren’t just found in the standard hospital facility but can also found even in the military field. These days, military and nursing career are united into one brave profession. Although being a military nurse and the typical nurse profession have one common goal which is to take care of patients and help them to get better, yet being a military nurse is more stressful because of the environment settings. As compared to nurses working in a comfortable hospital facility, military nurses will sometimes be sent to dangerous settings to take care of soldiers and injured personnel and help them recover from their injuries.

What should you expect when you work as a military nurse?

Military nurses are often found working peacefully in military hospitals, military clinics, and military bases. However, in some cases they will also be deployed to other countries to treat and take care of military patients at war zones. That is why, being a military nurse will really require more bravery and the ability not to panic when treating the patient during war zones.
Another responsibilities that military nurses will do is to take care and treat health conditions of past military members and their family members. Their duties involve, helping patient recover from injuries after the war or treat some typical health conditions such as flu, bone fracture, etc.

As with the salary, military nurse are also compensated very well and that is based on their rank. Plus lots of benefits and bonuses such as housing allowances, health insurances, Incentive Specialty Pay and a lot more.

How do you become a Military Nurse?

There are two main ways in order to become a military nurse. You can either choose direct commission procedure or join Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) in college. But both of these methods will require you to become a licensed RN before you can become a military nurse. There’s also an age restriction between 21 to 42 years old and must be a citizen of the United States.

These are only the general requirements into becoming a military nurse. If you wanted to know more about the requirements please check the links below.
Nursing Careers in Army –
Nursing Career in Navy –
Nursing Careers in Air Force – (make sure you search for ‘nursing’ in the search box to find the ideal military nursing career you like)

To find a recruiter for Army, Navy, Air Force, you may visit their corresponding sites.

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Mental Health Nurse – Understanding their Duties and Responsibilities

mental health nurseNurses have one common responsibility in the health care industry, and that is to take care and give support to sick people and their family members. Mental health nurses, as the name implies, refers to the nurse who works with patients who have mental health issues. Health disorders such as bipolar issues, schizophrenia, depression and other mental problems. The main responsibly of mental health nurse is to assist his/her patients in recovering from this illness or to support them have a positive life despite their condition.

The work of mental health nurse may be within the hospital setting, community health centers, patient’s own home, specialist divisions or other settings. These nurses usually work in multiple corrective groups, working with psychiatrists, psychologists and some other health care specialists.

Typical Responsibilities of a Mental Health Nurse

(This depends on the health care facility a mental health nurse works in)

  • Taking care of patients with severe mental suffering or long-term mental disorder.
  • Administers appropriate medication and monitors the results of every treatment.
  • Understands the patient’s behaviors and emotions and helping them manage them.
  • Assist patients in therapy sessions.
  • Creates care plans and danger valuations for individual patients.
  • Educate the patient’s family members and carers about dealing and understanding the condition of the patient.
  • Offers emotional support to patient and their family members and carers.
  • Evaluates patients’ behavior and their psychological needs.
  • Encourages the patient to get involved in activities that may help recover or feel better.
  • Talks to patient and discusses the best method for their recovery.
  • Builds good relationship to patient.
  • Prepares and maintains patient’s health records.

Are You Suitable Becoming a Mental Health Nurse?

If you’re quite interested into becoming a mental health nurse, see for yourself if you have the qualities of being one. Your personality must be friendly, understanding, patient, empathetic, organized, a good listener and can communicate really well with people especially those who need special care. Overall, you must possess a positive attitude and must have a good judgement in assessing patients who are mentally challenged by time and circumstances.

Dealing with patient that has mental health issues may seem very tough and challenging but if you can properly deal with it and you have the core values into taking care of these types of patients, you’ll realize that it’s actually a very rewarding job. Seeing them smile and get better from their mental illness is one of the best feelings that every nurse will experience.…

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What makes a nurse healthy and happy at work?

happy nurse Nurses are there to take care of sick people. They’re the ones who give physical and emotional care to patients and makes sure that every patient is well taken care of until they get better from their illnesses.

As a health care worker, particularly as a nurse, remember that you are prone to different illnesses as well. Considering the fact that your work is physically demanding, you’ll also experience total burnout. And with this, you will really need to do something to help you become healthier. Nurses are good at watching over the well being of people around them and fulfill their duties and responsibilities without really thinking of themselves first.

Don’t make your busy schedule as an excuse for not eating healthy meal at the right time or for not doing any healthy routines. Although your patient is your main concern as a nurse, but don’t forget that your own health is your most important investment.

Here are few healthy and good practices that nurses should try to ensure their overall well being and so that they can effectively perform their duties as health care providers:

Batch cooking
When you work as a nurse the whole weekdays for 8 – 10 hours, then you probably don’t have much time (or too tired) to prepare healthy meals for yourself (and your family) when you get home. The best solution to this is to prepare your meals ahead and freeze them. Batch cooking is a very effective method that could help you avoid fast-foods. Do this during weekends.

Healthy and simple physical activities
Jog, play and stroll. These are few of simple physical activities that you can do at home or while you have free time at work or after you end your shift. Although you’ve already done a lot of physical activities in work such as assisting a patient walk, moving some apparatuses, running and walking along the hospital hallway, it’s still good to have some non-work related physical activities that can truly release the stress in your muscles. Jogging in the morning before going to work, or playing with your dog when you’re on a day off or simply having a stroll after a tiring day is something that can already help you get a healthy mindset. It will also help you release the tension that’s being built up in your tired muscles.

Cheat day
Being really strict with your diet and regular healthy routines can sometimes be boring. So let’s add some cheat day to the routine. Although this might ruin your healthy diet but a cheat day can make your heart feel satisfied. It makes you feel contented, freed and can make you become emotionally happy. As a nurse who works really hard truly deserve something that will make the heart and taste buds happy.…

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What’s Latest in the Healthcare Trends?

Identifying the latest in the healthcare trends!

  • Latest-Healthcare trendAmong the latest development within the health care delivery model is that continuing care is highlighted. The main experts are not just dealing with patients for his or her health issues, but they also are handling and marketing the level of quality of health and well being.
  • Another latest development is to take good care of the health and well being of the determined inhabitants and not just specific individuals. Each of the health and well being demands in the human population being a whole are determined and served. It is actually highlighted that this group utilizes the medical and community assistance made available for them. Medical care is becoming even more population-based.
  • Another development which has developed is that the hospitals, doctors and healthcare plans have got linked and have shaped an incorporated delivery program. More investment strategies are now being created with an objective of presenting solutions towards the individuals and preserving them.

There is an excellent impression within the transformation of healthcare in direction of putting an emphasis on continuing health. The way in which healthcare are actually considered in earlier times continues to be transforming. The alternating of health care from dealing with severe health problems to offering continuing health care is causing in improvement of the health and well being of the individuals. The only relevant and achievable release is to offer a procession of treatment using the main focus securely on the family members and locality.

The health and well being of the inhabitants and locality is viewed as a whole.

This really is beneficial since it generates worth within the medical care delivery program. The healthcare workers operate with all the locality as a whole and consider to enhance the health and wellbeing of the general inhabitants. Despite the fact that this involves new types of techniques of managing and controlling health-related solutions, it will help in comprehending the wellnes demands of the targeted society. By researching their particular demands, the proper health and community solutions could possibly be supplied for them.

There are defined finances and expense goals for the populations which usually indicates that there is a need to be productive and effective. The development of tactical assemblage, networking, programs and medical professional communities may also bring worth. You will find capitated transaction and financial constraints allocated to the healthcare agencies. These are generally utilized to give care to the identified inhabitants. The business may like to enhance on the bills and finances as the expenses of the firms increase. This outcomes in the administration to make judgement such as developing tactical assemblage with some other institutions and improve the complete solutions. The expansion of this kind of communities will help in giving more beneficial care to the clients. Economical resources significantly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the corporation.

Because of the estimated foreseeable future advancement in the healthcare institutions, those people and communities will be highly valued, who are flexible, determined, are able to add worth and accept change. These individuals is going to be expected to research even more and support in redefining the quest and objectives of the healthcare institutions.…

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Aspects That Could Influence Your Salary as Certified Nursing Assistant

nurse-salaryRegardless of whether you acknowledge it or not, when you are right in front of the job interviewer, it will always reflect that income is significant to stimulate you in giving your best when it comes to work. Your salary will always depend on your educational attainments and your experience. Your salary will be calculated based on your worth. There are graduates who are keen to line up with CNA jobs and will always seek for the aspects that may influence the wage of a Certified Nursing Assistant.


Four significant standards that could affect the salary of CNAs


Your knowledge is the number one factor that will sum up your worth. Being able to finish the CNA course and certification is what you will basically need in order to work as a CNA. However, possessing advanced knowledge with nursing is a more advantageous skill. In order to draw greater than the typical wage, you will need to build up much more knowledge by getting further nursing programs. Soon after you have studied some extra certification to your profile, companies will surely offer you an above average wage for your job.

pay scale CNA

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Salary (United States) by



Experience is another great factor that can also impact the salary that you will get. In some areas in the United States, experienced Certified Nurse Assistants will get $5 to $10 additional pay in every hour than those new CNA graduates. The more experience you have the higher the pay you get. So make sure you work hard and get experienced in your job as a CNA.


Work Facility

The area you are working at will also matter with the amount of wage you will get. Hospitals usually have higher salary than of nursing homes.  Plus, hospitals can also offer you greater possibility of learning more nursing skills.


State Location

The last factor that will affect the salary is the state or city you are in. If you live and work in a state or city where the living costs is much higher, then your salary is also much higher as compared to other locations. If you are living in a remote area, you probably won’t get higher wage. In fact, there are several cities now that incorporate into a state. It is not probable that almost all the towns inside the state are high-priced because every town has its very own distinctive identification. In case the state you are at is high priced but the city you are in is not, then your income will probably be regular.…

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