Three Legged Mobility: The Importance of Assisted Walking

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Needless to say, we are all destined to grow old some day. And in the twilight years of our lives, things, inevitably, start becoming more difficult for us in terms of mobility. When our limbs begin to be less responsive, mobility/walking aids and other such forms of assistance are, therefore, needed to support us. There are numerous disabled and elderly individuals out there who require support from mobility equipment in order to compliment their need to stay independent.

What are Mobility Aids?

These are equipment and devices that are intended to support the elderly or people who experience pain in weight-bearing joints due to disease or injury. In addition, mobility aids also provide users with numerous health benefits as they improve balance and assist the disabled to sit, stand, and keep moving.

Health Benefits of Mobility Aids

  • Improved balance and stability

Whenever the elderly walk over uneven surfaces, various obstacles can make it difficult for them to maintain proper balance. For instance, when they are going uphill, stepping on rocks, or hiking on loose dirt, proper support for balance and stability is essential. Mobility aids thus help in stabilizing body weight and consequently reducing the risk of slipping and falling. They also assist on hilly terrain by providing balance, especially when fatigue sets in and the muscles become less reliable.

  • Joint and back health

Mobility aids also help in the redistribution of the body’s mass by preventing a situation where all your weight comes down on your hips, knees, and back. They displace your body mass from your lower body and back and support it through the walking aid and your arms. This is greatly beneficial in reducing pressure on the muscles and joints and should be particularly helpful to those who suffer from back problems and arthritis.  Additionally, walking aids foster proper body posture, especially in the upper back. Proper posture is crucial as it redistributes mass evenly which improves back health and reduces the risk of injury.

  • Improved mobility

Walking aids drastically improve an elderly person’s mobility as it helps them maintain an active and healthier lifestyle. It is thus little wonder that these devices have gained such immense popularity among the elderly who use them to move around better and for any other things that they need to do. This gives them more confidence as they are likely to be more energized in their day to day activities.

  • Avoid falls and trips

Mobility aids can assist older people to not only maintain balance, but minimize their risk of falling. Falls are a common phenomenon in older people and the risk of falling invariably increases with age. A third of people aged 65 and over, rising to over 40% in those over the age of 80, fall each year, compared with 8% in the middle-aged.  This can be mainly attributed to psychological changes that are associated with the normal aging process which increase reflex times, reduce balance and, consequently, increase the risk of falling.

Undoubtedly, it can be quite depressing going through life feeling like you cannot do everything that active, healthy people around you are doing. With mobility aids such as the highly acclaimed 3 wheeled rollator, the elderly are assured of the best quality of life as simple tasks are made as easy as possible. Check out the 3 wheeled rollator reviews to see how mobility aids are benefitting those in need.