Best CNA Resume and Cover Letter Resource

CNA Resume and Cover Letter BookAlthough I worked in an advertising agency, I would still give this book an A++ rating since this guide had helped my niece ace her CNA cover letter and CV and got the job. I can still remember when she asked me to help her out with her application to a big hospital in Morris, Illinois and while browsing for some tips online, I bump into this manual by John Rodgers (and few other CNA books). Since I am subscribed to KindleUnlimited, I was able to scan its content for free and have viewed their resume templates and cover letters before I gave it to her. I imparted to her some of my personal tips (mostly are for the interview part) plus this guide since I don’t have background in health care and I think, this book did most of the help from partial structuring and formatting.

What’s the Best CNA Resume Resource?

From what I have found online, I can say that Rodgers’ templates are unique and not the typical resume and cover letter templates you can find on free resources or in any other CNA books.

Another benefit CNAs will get from this book is that, it can help them highlight their background and their education as CNA professionals. And they will be guided unto how they can write their cover letter with the use of their step-by-step procedure and the improvement tips, thus making sure they are doing the right thing. The explanations on each samples are also beneficial particularly to new professionals since it helps them understand the importance of each points. Regardless of your professional level, the tips they provide will surely fit to you. In fact, they also have specific templates designed for whatever level you are in, inexperienced or experienced CNAs.

I think, the HUGE list of template examples and the detailed explanations makes this book great and a favorite by CNAs.

If you are considering on getting a professional resume writer, why not invest on this book? Considering that a lot of these professional resume writers are expensive, it’s really not a practical choice. If you own this book, you can create more than one CNA resume and cover letter, you can even share it with your other fellow nursing assistants and you can help your other CNA friends if they asked your help.

Final CNA Resume Resource Recommendation

I know you really want to have the best and the most impressive resume and cover letter, so this book will give you the answer. And because you cannot guarantee that professional resume writers can give you what you look for, it’s better that you do it yourself, than wasting your time asking for revisions. Plus if you create that on your own, you will also feel proud of it.

From all the CNA manuals I have read so far, for me this one is the most practical and very detailed. Official CNA Resume and Cover Letters Manual Book is really worth reading for CNA professionals who plan to perfect their resumes and cover letters. Highly recommended!!!…

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What’s Latest in the Healthcare Trends?

Identifying the latest in the healthcare trends!

  • Latest-Healthcare trendAmong the latest development within the health care delivery model is that continuing care is highlighted. The main experts are not just dealing with patients for his or her health issues, but they also are handling and marketing the level of quality of health and well being.
  • Another latest development is to take good care of the health and well being of the determined inhabitants and not just specific individuals. Each of the health and well being demands in the human population being a whole are determined and served. It is actually highlighted that this group utilizes the medical and community assistance made available for them. Medical care is becoming even more population-based.
  • Another development which has developed is that the hospitals, doctors and healthcare plans have got linked and have shaped an incorporated delivery program. More investment strategies are now being created with an objective of presenting solutions towards the individuals and preserving them.

There is an excellent impression within the transformation of healthcare in direction of putting an emphasis on continuing health. The way in which healthcare are actually considered in earlier times continues to be transforming. The alternating of health care from dealing with severe health problems to offering continuing health care is causing in improvement of the health and well being of the individuals. The only relevant and achievable release is to offer a procession of treatment using the main focus securely on the family members and locality.

The health and well being of the inhabitants and locality is viewed as a whole.

This really is beneficial since it generates worth within the medical care delivery program. The healthcare workers operate with all the locality as a whole and consider to enhance the health and wellbeing of the general inhabitants. Despite the fact that this involves new types of techniques of managing and controlling health-related solutions, it will help in comprehending the wellnes demands of the targeted society. By researching their particular demands, the proper health and community solutions could possibly be supplied for them.

There are defined finances and expense goals for the populations which usually indicates that there is a need to be productive and effective. The development of tactical assemblage, networking, programs and medical professional communities may also bring worth. You will find capitated transaction and financial constraints allocated to the healthcare agencies. These are generally utilized to give care to the identified inhabitants. The business may like to enhance on the bills and finances as the expenses of the firms increase. This outcomes in the administration to make judgement such as developing tactical assemblage with some other institutions and improve the complete solutions. The expansion of this kind of communities will help in giving more beneficial care to the clients. Economical resources significantly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the corporation.

Because of the estimated foreseeable future advancement in the healthcare institutions, those people and communities will be highly valued, who are flexible, determined, are able to add worth and accept change. These individuals is going to be expected to research even more and support in redefining the quest and objectives of the healthcare institutions.…

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10 Critical Facts about CNA Certification

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant? In the USA, a CNA is a certified medical professional who provides healthcare to both ill and disabled patients. They perform a wide variety of tasks to aid patients with their personal needs, such as helping with bathings, feedings, grooming, and dressing. To become a CNA in the U.S., one must pass the CNA exam. Here are some critical facts about the certification:


Fact #1: Certain individuals must be certified

It’s important to know who must take the CNA exam and who is exempt from it. Individuals who are required to have CNA certification include individuals who:


  • Regularly perform nursing tasks given by a registered nurse.
  • Routinely complete nursing tasks given by a registered nurse/licensed practical nurse, for a salary.
  • Wish to be certified and have the initials CNA following their name.


Note: This doesn’t include medication assistants or individuals who only provide assistance with daily living activities. The exception is when the client’s needs predict negative health consequences


Fact #2: Training requirements must be met

State boards of nursing develop regulations that outline the nursing assistant training programs. The boards must approve each nursing assistant training program before it is implemented. Only individuals who complete approved programs in particular states can become certified as a Nursing Assistant (NA).


Fact #3: Out-of-state applicants must meet certain requirements

While it’s possible to complete CNA requirements when not living in a particular state, the applicant must meet an out-of-state program. The individual must be registered on the out-of-state registry for nursing aids. The certification must be valid and must also not include any records of patient neglect or abuse.


Fact #4: Other requirements are needed for certain positions

Individuals who want to qualify for other positions such as:


  • Health Nursing Assistant
  • Certified Geriatric Assistant
  • Certified Medicine Aid
  • School Health Nursing Assistant
  • Developmental Disabilities


must meet the particular requirements for the particular occupation.


A Medication Technician (MT) must meet certain requirements for certification. An MT is an individual who has completed a MT training program and is certified by the board as a MT. Such individuals work in settings such as group homes and assisted living.


Fact #5: CNA training programs have particular requirements

Usually, candidates for CNA training programs must have a high school diploma or GED prior to entering the program. Usually these training programs are offered through local hospital programs, trade schools, and community colleges. Typically they last from 3 weeks to 6 months. Afterwards, the CNA candidate can take the certification exam in the state where they wish to become a CNA.

Fact #6: Certain rules apply to a CNA’s validity

Usually CNA certification is valid for two years. After the initial certification, CNAs must renew their credentials every two years. CNAs must submit their renewed applications 30 or fewer days before their certificate expires, and pay renewal fees related to the renewal. Another requirement that most states also have is that the CNA must provide proof of having finished a certain number of Continuing Education Units (CEU), or in-service training instead. CNAs might also be required to show proof that they have received compensation for working in a nursing position during the past 2 years.


Fact #7: The CNA exam includes two parts

The CNA exam includes two main sections they are: 1) the written section, and 2) the practical, skills competency section. The written section might be available in languages other than English, or it could be taken orally. It depends on the regulations of the particular state. The exam can include a wide array of topics, such as correct chart recording, reading vital signs of patients, and comprehending emergency procedures.


Fact #8: Candidates might need to pass other state requirements

Besides the CNA exam, a CNA might be required to meet other requirements for particular states. They include a physical examination, a drug test, and a check for criminal background. After meeting all of the requirements, candidates are added to the Nurse Aide Registry in that state. They are also eligible for employment at that time.


Fact #9: Expired certificates are usually considered as delinquent

Typically this is the case for certificates that have been expired for over 30 days. This may prevent a CNA from continuing to work until the certificate has been renewed. If a CNA’s certificate has been expired for over two years, the candidate for renewal might be required to submit proof of having received re-training during that time. Also, it must be from a CNA program that’s been approved. They might also need to pass drug testing and a criminal background check before they are issued another CNA certificate.


Fact #10: The employment outlook is good

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the U.S. reported in 2013 that the median salary for Nursing Assistants was about $24,900 per year. That should increase 21% from 2012-2022.




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Basic Safety Procedures Nursing Assistants Must Learn

safetyBeing a Nurse Assistant is a rewarding vocation for those who decide on going into the healthcare industry and commit to help those that are in need. In most cases, when you do your training in nursing assistant classes, they don’t often educate you for the basic safety procedures you will need to take on and most companies don’t teach that either. For that reason, it is very important that you alone, should be equipped with the knowledge concerning these matters.

In most cases, when you work in a certain establishment, you can inevitably encounter people particularly team member/s whom you consider as someone you can’t work with effectively. Probably because of attitude problem or probably conflict of certain things and situations that greatly affects both of your work. If this type of problem is frequent in the healthcare center you work at, go to the in charge Nurse and make it clear. This is to make sure that the in charge nurse is aware of the problem and will will look into the situations and help deal with the problem.

Nursing Assistants are usually requested to assist patients while working on personal care. It is essential that you are effectively educated in this training, or you may injure your back or other body areas. You also run the hazard of triggering injury to the patient. Considering that healthcare amenities are often shorthanded, Nurse assistants try to elevate patients alone when there’s no one available in helping with the lift. This is risky to your health and to your patient as well.

Dealing with contagious illness is a vital procedure for nurse assistants. In fact, this will be trained to you during your training and orientation. Make sure that you keep in mind that most communicable diseases are pass on by way of body fluids. No matter your scheduling constraints, if you find a client has soiled their clothes or bed linen, make sure you use safety gloves, thoroughly clean the place with the appropriate cleaning materials, and wash your hands ALWAYS! This will help reduce your risk of contamination from transmittable disorders.

Lots of clients who need the care of a Nurses Assistant really don’t want it. This can lead to a range of attitudes which includes depressive disorder, discomfort at the aid, rage, and hatred and usually, these emotions gets dumped on the Nursing Assistant. In some cases, these may result to verbal abuse or worst, physical abuse. In this scenarios, it’s crucial that you take actions to help prevent this type of circumstance at once. Leave the area if they continue on being in that psychological condition.

Report the incident in accordance to your work place guidelines. For physical abuse, patients need to understand that it will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you need to defend yourself, call for support or use a code word to notify your colleagues. It is extremely significant that you report any incident of bodily abuse promptly to your director. Record the unpleasant incident and include things like anything you did to defend yourself. This becomes substantial if the patient later files a complaint against you and claims you mistreated them.…

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Principles within Medical Ethics

ethicsThe framework for medical ethics is composed of set of principles. One is active goodness or beneficence. This principle is about deciding on what is good for the patient. The other one is doing no harm, non-maleficence. While the second option is better identified and frequently discussed, without having the former patients will not be given the most advantageous, excellent healthcare that they need to acquire. Together with that groundwork, Justice should also be considered. Justice in a perception of gentle and fair decision making and treatment. This particular value rolls into play when contemplating apportioning rare or costly medical care sources. It is additionally the foundation of guaranteeing that also those people with no insurance plan and minimal finance sources have admittance to essential treatment. Justice also notifies judgments when additional treatment gets to be in vain.

Patients have the right to decline treatment or certain concurs, regardless of whether that is centered on individual’s faith based convictions or some other reasons on their very own aspect. The only mitigating situation making autonomy not the primary concern is whenever the patient is considered unskilled to make their very own determinations. This can be a short term disability, as with intoxication, or a long term problem, as with dementia.

Honesty is also appreciated in ethical physician-to-patient connection. Interaction need to be open, manifest in either instructions, and be ethically truthful. Forthright interaction can offset in opposition to any range of honorable concerns and is the best solution for those that do arise.

Well informed agreement is an area in practice showing prospective honorable stumbling hindrances. The patient will need to have comprehensive details concerning the hazards and positive aspects on which to base their very own judgement to concur to or refuse a particular process or therapy. False information here may lead to inappropriate options with their worker repercussions. Issues with this crucial portion of healthcare process can also have lawful implications.

Privacy is one of the most essential parts in the medical practice. It has become a statutorily strengthened ethical procedure. Not only is privacy required in law, but also a number of exclusions are mandated. Outside of the more standard Privacy Rule of HIPAA are the more strict privacy rules relating to those in mental health and substance abuse care. To give you an example of privacy exclusions include things like parental authorization for specific methods and revealing suspected child abuse or domestic violence to appropriate government bodies.

Ethics in general and medical ethics in particular need to go a path involving the advantages for the person balanced with the advantages for the whole neighborhood. Often times these types of concerns are easily discerned, yet from time to time these factors need to take place in panel or with professional insight.

Another ethical concern is the probability of impacts from outside the patient-physician connection impacting health care judgement. These are delivered to carry by such organizations as business agreements with screening amenities, pharmaceutical organization influences and complimentary referral patterns.

Medical treatment is, at its most essential, nurturing. Ethics entails particularly valuing the patient, operating to do what is most effective for the good of the patient, while guaranteeing that your activities do not hurt the patient. Honest interaction connects all these endeavors together.…

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How to Write a Good CNA Cover Letter for The Best Results

images (1)

What is a CNA Cover Letter? A certified nursing assistance letter holds the key to your success. Why do we say that this is the key to your success? This is because it works as a primary marketing tool of all the abilities that you have in the field and makes sure that all your strong points are clearly revealed by all those people who come across it. When you are writing a CNA Cover Letter you are supposed to make sure that all the requirements that the reader wanted are in the letter so that you will not be considered irrelevant. The letter should be very precise as well as standardized in every way possible so that you can increase your chances of getting the best results. Certified Nursing Assistants give direct care to patients and they are supervised by registered nurses within a health care setting. The CNAs work in hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics, and personal homes and outpatients departments.

This an example of a certified nursing assistant cover letter that gives all the details to the reader and employers.

Certified Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Sample

170 Main Street
Eastlando, ME 5060

November 3, 2014

Ms. Purity Njenga Stevens,
Registered nurse
55 Dash Avenue
Lavington, MA 5050

Dear Ms. Stevens:

Your position for the nursing Assistant needs the ability, experience and work ethics that I have achieved as I have been working in this profession in different healthcare settings. I am an experienced CNA and have got extensive experience in basic patient care. Am very ready to work in your institution and to make sure that I will practice my expertise and contribute to the well being of patients at XYZ healthcare.

images (1)I am a strong applicant and candidate to this job because I believe my skills and abilities will promote the well being of XYZ healthcare. I will dedicate all my powers, my mind and my soul in making sure that the services that I give to the patients are the best and those that they cannot get anywhere else apart from XYZ Healthcare. My skills in performing all types of patient care are the best and they include; bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, moving patients to and from wheelchairs and beds, special hygiene and assisting in rehabilitative exercises. Am well equipped in documenting and taking vital signs, weight, intake and output as delegated as per facility protocol. In addition to this am able to prepare and serve meals as well as assisting patients with eating problems. I accompany patients who have appointment and visit to their various place that they are required. My enclosed resume will give you a complete record of my skills which will be of great help for your facility.

As you are looking for a CNA who has got a feel for the patient and one who can contribute to different department in your healthcare, I hope you will consider my documentations. I can be reached using (oo1)0988-4728 or via email [email address]. In addition I can call you to follow up on my application.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Sincerely yours,

Purity Stevens-CNA.

As you can see, this is just one of a couple of CNA Cover Letter samples that you can use so as to create a VERY strong Cover Letter and get the Certified Nursing Assistant job of your dreams.…

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Medical Malpractice: Things that you should know

medical malpracticeMedical malpractice is lawfully defined as expert’s carelessness by exact act or omission by a health care provider in which the treatment being given falls below the accepted standard of practice in the medical society resulting to patient’s injury or death.

This issue has turned into a more prominent concern towards medical specialists through the years. While the standards and regulations that cover medical malpractice differs from state to state, each state will require those medical professionals to hold proficient risk protection at all times in order to compensate for the expenses of claims.

Most of these medical specialists will actually do everything just to abstain from being sued for a certain malpractice, however in some cases, there is just nothing that they can do. In fact, even when they do everything right, there are some things that can still go wrong. In these cases, the medical specialist will frequently take the fault for these issues, whether they were mindful or not.

The idea of medicinal negligence is truly terrifying and can result in a lot of trouble for any individual who has suffered at the hands of a professional. Due to the vicinity of medicinal negligence claims, medical professionals are obliged to keep up personal liability insurance to secure them and counterbalance the expenses of malpractice suits.

On the other hand, in keeping with the meaning of medical malpractice, the claim must demonstrate that the medical professional has truly violated medical standards. This requires an expert to demonstrate that there was an infringement of measures. Considering that medicines have become more and more advanced, these days, there are more things that can possibly happen.

There have been various prominent claims against specialists who were said to have violated the definition of medical malpractice, yet the truth of the matter is that these costly claims adversely affect the capacity of the medical industry to offer quality care when they are brought about by individuals who are basically just looking for money. With the new changes that are being established, it is likely that unimportant claims will start to decay. As it seems to be, they are on the ascent and have been for a long while. If something is not done to stop these wrongful medical malpractice suits, will keep on being repressed in its capacity to give quality care at reasonable cost.

As with many different regions of the law, medical malpractice does has a set statute of constraints, however it does differ somewhat from every state. Since there is only a constrained measure of time to yield a case, you need not to hold up longer to make a move.…

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Understanding Ethics And Bioethics Of Medical Assistants

ethicsIn Wikipedia, ethics is described as the “science of morality”. A branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct.

In the field of medical assistants, a certain medical association known as AAMA or the American Association of Medical Assistants sets certain guidelines for ethical and moral conduct for their members to follow in order to achieve excellence towards their duties and responsibilities in the health care industry.

Medical ethics are already part of professional ethics. It manages someones, behavior and conduct during his/her work in the health care industry. To work ethically, the health care professional must remain honest and fair to his/her work and patients.

Considering that the health care industry is one of the most promising industries these days, it is important that they have set the rules and guidelines accordingly so that they can effectively serve people with respect, dignity and honesty. A certain medical assistant must be knowledgeable enough with the different laws and bio ethical guidelines so that they become proficient and qualified in the field and as well as become versatile and dynamic with their work. It is very necessary that they know the limits of their actions to avoid any dilemma and other unwanted circumstances in the future. Being able to understand the different professional demands in their field is a wise armor and important factor to effectively deliver their duties.

In medical field, medical assistants do also experience bio-ethical issues. Considering that medical assistants are also busy performing several duties and responsibilities in the health care facility, they are also prone to committing mistakes and with these types of situations, they should know how to deal with it ethically. If they’re able to deal with it according the the rules, then they would probably be able to save life and avoid more problems.

A medical professional should also be aware of the importance of keeping the confidentiality of the patient’s medical records. It is vital factor for those who are working in this profession to be able understand this part of the code.

I hope these information can give you clear understanding as to what are the vital factors that medical assistants should know about to keep working in the field effectively while following the code of ethics.…

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How you can Improve a Patients Comfort?

patient comfort

Patient’s comfort is an important thing that nurses and other health care professionals should think about as part of their duties and responsibilities. It’s very significant that you are aware on how they feel during their stay in the hospital or nursing homes. Think of the possible ways on how you can improve the patient’s comfort and try to create a healing atmosphere for them to speed up their recovery or help them feel better.

There are many factors that affect the patient’s level of comfort. Below are few things that you may check and perform to make sure they experience the kind of comfort and safety that they needed to improve their overall wellness.

patient comfortClothes they wear – Try to check if the patient is wearing the right clothing during their stay in the health care facility or nursing home. Make sure they are wearing the appropriate clothes that are made from soft cotton material and they should avoid clothes that are made from thick and rough fabrics. Remember, appropriate clothing can help them change their clothes easily and can prevent rashes or mild burns on the patient’s skin.

Bedding – The patient’s bedding is another thing that you should check as well. Try to ask your patient if they’re comfortable with their mattress. Your patient will recover fast and will feel a lot better if they use the right kind of mattress. Make sure the mattress they’re using can help them get proper rest and ease their discomfort and pain.

Harness position – If your patient is using harness, see to it that it is well-positioned and is not twisted as it will give the patient uncomfortable feeling like pressure in a certain part of their body. The harness should be positioned straight and symmetric. To ensure the right positioning of the harness, it can be put on while the patient is standing or laying down on a plane surface.

Aside from the aforementioned factors, nurses and health care professionals should also consider some other things that could also contribute to your patient’s wellness just like your way of communicating to them. Be friendly and caring because these simple things can greatly help them in this kind of situation. If they’re comfortable talking to you and they find you approachable, it can help them reach out to you easily whenever they need your help on some of their day to day activities or even if they need you when they experience emotional stress.…

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How to Report Medical Information?

Nursing Home

The patient’s medical information is considered personal, sensitive and confidential, so it must be handled and kept appropriately by the doctors or any personnel assigned for it.

When reporting a patient’s medical information it will typically include the following:

• Unique identifiers such as patient’s full name and provider account number. However, most providers have removed the Social Security numbers (SSN) from patient records because of the possibility of identity theft. As much as possible, if SSN is necessary in the patient’s record, it should be abridged to disclose only the last four or five digits.

• Contact information such as patient’s address, contact number(s) and email address. Additional information could also be provided as well on an intake form such as age, birth date, gender and race.

• Identified medical conditions, drug/alcohol/smoking habits, allergies as well as health care provider’s records of the patient’s visits, diagnoses, treatments, test results of diagnosis, prescriptions and recommendations to other hospitals or doctors.

• Billing and disbursement information, such as the person responsible for payment, health insurer and primary beneficiary.

• Details that the patient has given on an intake form about the health of his/her direct family members, mainly his/her parents and siblings and whether there is a history of particular diseases.

These medical information will remain private and every provider of health care should safeguard these confidential medical information from unauthorized or illegal access, use, or disclosure. Remember that it is morally unacceptable if you release the patient’s medical information without their knowledge or consent. It would be advisable that health care providers or doctors would ask the patient to lay down their preferences regarding communication of their medical records, before the information becomes accessible and whatever the patient has chosen and have decided, the doctors should respect it.…

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